The 13th Hour... 13 May 2017


Virginie : Vocals, growls and lyrics (except Psychotic Vampire by Laëtitia and Druidess by Laëtitia and Virginie). 
Music & Inspirations : Gothic metal, gothic rock, darkwave, coldwave, ethereal, classical, ost, movies, peints, illustrations, books, arts, SF, S.Fantasy.

Laëtitia : Violins, Screams, Accordion, Lyrics of Psychotic Vampire.
Music & Inspirations : Gloomy Grimm, Arch Ennemy, Sisters Of Mercy, Accept, Wasp, Bach, Manga and Chocolate.

Stéphanie : Guitars & compositions.
Music & Inspirations : Shadows, despair, the Moon, solitude, faith, signs, darkness, angels, Nature.

Yves : Keyboards & compositions.
Music & Inspirations : Dark Tranquility, Silent Opera, Fates Warning, Freak Kitchen, Pain of Salvation, Kevin Moore and Dream Theater. 

Gary : Bass & compositions.
Music & Inspirations :  Nature, Moonspell, cheese, Devin Townsend, absinth, Sceptic Flesh, laughing, Ultra Vomit, life!

Jérôme : Drums & Compositions.
Music & Inspirations :  The Sins Of Thy Beloved, Theatre Of Tragedy, Eluveitie, Dominia, Blackthorn, Nonamen, SF, heroic fantasy, boardgames, series, video games, reveries.